Being a creative thinker and Fashion innovator, I have been on this platform for nearly a decade. During early days of my life, my whole passion was towards music and dance. This unceasing passion towards music helps me to join the school as a music teacher. The early marriage and early motherhood have turned my ambitions to be a good homemaker and soothing and nurturing my family. But my family, relatives, and friends have always encouraged me with their immense support and inspiration.
My biggest inspiration for creating elegant and awe-inspiring outfits are my daughters and my Granddaughter. They are flowers of the garden, who always spread their fragrance and unconditional love. The best feeling I always come across is when they wear dresses and attires prepared by me and feel beautiful. This always makes me feel proud and I used to pat my back on my own. Inspired by history, the beauty of nature and Bollywood divas fashion, romantic design, we design every piece that features outstanding styles that are fabricated with the luxurious material.
I still remember that day, it was my granddaughter Tashwi’s birthday and I have designed embroidered Frock for her. Everyone was complimenting her dress. She was telling everyone that my fairy dress was designed by my Nani and she came to me and said: “when I grow big even then I would wear all dresses tailored by my Nani only...”. These words are the true inspiration to me, that being so aged, I love to make dresses for those thousands of daughters and granddaughters who are bereaved from their nani’s and daadi’s love. 
I always focus on creating outfits that hold style along with traditional values. Be it Indian, Fusion or even western, our every collection exude perfect merge between contemporary style & traditional values. We, at Anita Aman, strive to create and deliver you with the industry’s leading couture collection covering Indian style, Fusion, Western, and Wedding attire that simply add a classic touch to your look. With this, I promise to offer up a unique & traditional perspective with my deceptively simple designs.

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